“A day in the life of” Claire Keay is the Managing director of TaxSaver Bikes


Claire Keay is the founder and Managing Director of www.taxsaverbikes.com. Her business was set up in 2014 after she saw a gap in the market to offer a more streamlined application system to administrate the Cycle to Work scheme and the need to offer a better support system for the employer as well as the employee. They are a Dublin based company with a large client base that spans all over Ireland.

A totally driven bubbly person with a background in media and a love for cycling and the outdoors lifestyle.

Q 1- How does your normal day begin?

I am an early riser so always up by 6 am, if I manage to sleep past this time my cat is sure to wake me looking for her breakfast and her morning brush, then a nice cup of tea before checking our system as our clients are 24/7. This gives me a head start for the day ahead

Q 2- What are your biggest daily challenges?

Learning when to switch off, working from home makes it very hard these days to define my working hours.


Q3- What do you love most about your job?

Solving a problem for my clients and hearing their surprise when they realise our system does exactly what we said it would do and then talking with their Employees and helping them select their dream bike as many don’t know what they need


Q 4- What do you do to relax?

I love hill walking and exploring our mountains, seeing our beautiful landscape with incredible backdrops of pine trees. I am lucky in where I live that I have an incredible area to explore and enjoy even through the restrictions. It truly is my happy place


Q 5-Favourite staycation destination in Ireland and why?

Donegal, the beaches, the seafood and the scenery while cycling around exploring every nook and cranny. We also love the seafood in Dawros Bay house which is a real hidden gem in Donegal

Q 6-Favourite holiday destination worldwide?

That’s a tricky one as I don’t really have just one place, I am really more of a home bird so I actually would say Ireland.. when the sun is shining

Q 7-Favourite Business motto? 

Persistence beats resistance

Q 8. Advice for young business entrepreneurs.

Communication and honesty, along with drive and determination will help you overcome most hurdles that you come across. Never give up, always do your best and treat people with respect. Keep going even when you want to quit, it will get easier