A Day in The Life Of: Valentia Lighthouse keeper Lucian Horvat


Q 1- How does your normal day begin?

Checking the correspondence and daily calendar. Heading to the Lighthouse making sure everything is in place for the day ahead.

Q 2- What are your biggest daily challenges?

Making sure that all tasks are completed in due time, maintaining a high standard of operations and keep correspondence up-to-date.

Q3- What do you love most about your job?

Valentia Lighthouse is a workplace set in an idyllic location. Just being here and engaging with visitors is a pleasure.







Q 4- What do you do to relax?

Spending time with my family, playing the guitar, reading a book, watching a documentary or having a BBQ with friends.

Q 5-Your Favourite staycation destination in Ireland and why?

Has to be Valentia Island for its rich history, walking trails, great activities for children, mind-blowing scenery and fantastic people.









Q 6- Your Favourite holiday destination worldwide?

Romania: well-preserved traditions, pristine natural landscape and warm-hearted people.

Q 7- Your Favourite Business motto?

Experience Island & Lighthouse Life on the Exposed Edge of Europe