“A day in the life of”Sinéad Carroll CEO of Mini Media and Irish Blogger Agency

Courtesy of the Little memory Gallery https://instagram.com/thelittlememorygallery.mcos?igshid=1wk882fd0yutb

Introduction to Sinead Carroll.

I am a digital marketing and business consultant, social media strategist, online business educator, web designer, influencer and connector.  I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners live their best digital lives by educating them on easy, proven digital marketing methods that can skyrocket their business growth.  I also connect brands and influencers through my influencer marketing agency.

Q 1- How does your normal day begin?

I usually wake before my alarm clock goes off at 6.30 am.  I get up and let Bailee my puppy out of his crate and play with him for 10 minutes while the kettle boils.  At 7 am Bailee and I go wake the kids for school, it’s a fun process, since we got Bailee mornings are the best as he jumps up on the bed and kisses them until they are awake.  I never knew a puppy would bring so much love and joy to a home. For the next hour, it’s get dressed, have breakfast, make lunch and out the door for 8 am for the school run.

I’m usually back at my desk for 8.45 am and start my day by jumping into my emails and checking social media.  To ground myself for the day I read a page from my daily teachings book by Rhonda Byrne and write in my gratitude journal.  By 9 am I am set to take on the day and I start on my to-do list.

Q 2- What are your biggest daily challenges?

Right now, my biggest daily challenge is keeping my new puppy Bailee quite during zoom calls.   Another challenge can be juggling the kids, the pickup times are staggered and all 3 have lots of activities that could start as early at 3.30 pm some days.  We don’t have childcare as my kids are at a good age 15, 13 and 10 but I could do with a taxi driver to help out sometimes.  To avoid stress I prioritise my day and I have learned to accept I am not superwoman and I can only do so much.  But running two businesses Mini Media and Irish Blogger Agency can be a challenge and my mind works overtime when I’m not at my desk and sometimes I find it hard to switch off.

Q3- What do you love most about your job?

I love the variety of my job, no two days are the same.  I love the flexibility and the fact that I can be around for my family when they really need me.  I love the wonderful people I have met since I started my business 5 years ago, I have met so many like-minded business owners and built beautiful friendships.  I work with some amazing clients and it’s a joy to be able to help them grow their business online and know I played a part in it.

Q 4- What do you do to relax?

I walk 5-10k every day, I enjoy a good catch up with my husband as we walk the woods and beach to clear our heads and make plans for dinner and the future.  I also love alone time and enjoy nothing more than getting stuck into a good book.  I also relax when I’m watching Netflix and at the weekends a glass of prosecco or a glass of red is always a good call.   Family and friends are very important to me so I always like to have something planned to look forward to with them, lunch, a night away in a hotel,  spa day all helps me relax and unwind.

Q 5-Favourite staycation destination in Ireland and why?

My favourite staycation has to be our 2-night stay in Killarney.  It was our first time to visit this summer and it won’t be the last.  It was absolutely stunning with so much to see and do.  We stayed in the Randles Hotel, only a few minutes walk from Killarney town.  Jaunting around Killarney National Park and a visit to Ross Castle was such a fun family activity.  I also loved Torc Waterfall and the drive around the Ring of Kerry followed by lunch at Ladies View are forever stored in my memories.   With a very talented cousin living in Killarney, we met up for drinks and had an impromptus family photoshoot in the beautiful surroundings of Muckross Park.

Q 6-Favourite holiday destination worldwide?

It has to be The Algarve.   For the past 15 years, we have enjoyed a 3 weeks family holiday each year in Portugal.   We have visited and stayed in so many beautiful parts of the Algarve but my favourite has to be Vilamoura and Albuferia.  I also like to get away with my aunt as much as possible and our trip to Nice is one I will always remember.  We got to tour Cannes and Monte-Carlo, both amazing places to visit.

Q 7-Favourite Business motto?

My motto is every new connection is an opportunity to collaborate not compete.

Q 8. Advice for young business entrepreneurs

Follow your passion and do what you care about.  Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to take the risk.  Believe in yourself and have a vision.  Take action and face your fears. But most importantly surround yourself with like-minded people that will build you up, join a network, a community provides a unique support network for business and individuals, giving you a sense of belonging.  The feeling of being connected and accepted by your peers is important for our growth and development.