Alex Findlater & Co. Ltd. opens new food hall in Limerick City


Alex Findlater & Co. Ltd. opens new food hall in Limerick City

In 1823 Alex Findlater and Co began trading in Dublin. The company was founded by Alexander Findlater, a hard working spirit merchant from Scotland. He set up his business on Burgh Quay opposite the Custom House. From humble beginnings, the business grew rapidly and extensively not just in Dublin but into the United Kingdom also, expanding into other fields, trading in Spirits, Wines, Teas, Coffees and Groceries.

The emphasis under the Findlater brand has always been on quality and a name that you can trust. It is from this rich history and provenance that the new Findlater and Co brand proudly continues this tradition of being a trustworthy and experienced provider of premium goods to the market.

Most recently, the Findlater brand can be found in Limerick, and Go Wild sat down with General Manager Ewa Mazur to see what exactly is required to work with such a high-end and popular brand.

What exactly does your role entail?

Setting up Alex Findlater and Co which is very exciting. It’s roughly 18,000sq feet of food and wine retail space along with a great Oyster Bar and quirky Champagne Supper Club in the basement so every day is putting together a great vision for the future and adding to the great food experience that Limerick has to offer.

Meeting with food suppliers, training staff, management planning also strategy also sales and marketing. I also report to the owners (Ronan and Anne Branigan of The Savoy Hotel, George, Hamptons and Da Vincenzo) to ensure their vision for the new Food and Wine Hall is on track.

How have customers reacted to the new Food Hall?

We’ve been absolutely pleased with the interest in the Alex Findlater and Co. Our daily feedback and virial posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Business, Instagram… it’s so positive and guests are so supportive. Our talented Group Social Media Manager Jacinta Khan keeps everyone posted online and we have received positive comments from our guests.

What makes Alex Findlater and Co. stand out to customers?

As part of the Savoy Group, we are coming from a hotel background and our aim is to implement a 5 Star experience into retail. We stand out because our concept is to build friendship with our guests and, based on their feedback, improve what Alex Findlater and Co. have to offer. I believe successful business doesn’t finish on great ideas and what we think; guests are the ones who make our business grow and they have massive input towards our success.

We simply cannot forget to mention that all our food offerings are freshly made every day by our amazing team of chefs and pastry chefs.

Alex Findlater and Co. is also the only place in Limerick to offer such an extended 300 plus wines from all over the world. We’ll be holding wine tastings and cookery classes to give an opportunity for the guest to taste really premium wines and to enjoy the food even better.

What are the challenges of being the General Manager at Alex Findlater and Co.?

The biggest challenge was setting up Alex Findlater and Co. and getting ready for the opening. It’s been only five weeks so far and challenges are always there. The concept in Alex Findlater and Co. is like nothing Limerick has ever seen before, so I suppose it’s quite a challenge to send that across and to make sure it works and guests are happy.

I’m trying to source unique artisan products for our guests and also making sure we keep the level of premium quality. We are constantly revisiting each corner of the Food Hall to make any improvements possible.

The main thing for me is to stay close with the guests, getting to know them and their expectations. With their precious feedback we can do anything. We can change, we can improve and we can come up with new ideas regardless if it’s for the retail side or our food offering.  I’m always open to suggestions and I think it’s very important to stay close to your team.

At the end of the day the team is what makes a good manager. We have whole new team on board and their input to this place is remarkable. Without continuous support from the owners, Ronan and Anne Brannigan, GM of The Savoy Damien Hartnet, our Executive Group Chef Graeme Campbell and all of the Savoy Group, I simply wouldn’t make it.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working with Alex Findlater and Co.?

The biggest joy for myself and all the team by far was the open day. Everyone was so excited and so supportive. Don’t get me wrong, every day we get the joy out of Alex Findlater; it’s so rewarding seeing guests coming back and becoming our regulars. We meet them throughout the week while they’re at work and they’re grabbing their morning coffee and some fresh pastry or breakfast. Then we see them at lunch time and we get to meet them and their families over the weekend. Building up a friendship with our guests is the key to our success.


Address: 109 O’Connell Street, Limerick City, Limerick

Contact: 061 516 450

Facebook: @AlexFinlaterandcompanyLtd