An Interview With Photographer Shay Hunston



My name is Shay Hunston, I’m a freelance photographer following the 2,500km route of the Wild Atlantic

Way from Kinsale to Donegal, taking black & white portrait photographs of the people living in the towns,

villages and remote locations amongst the stunning beauty of this diverse and ancient landscape set against the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

In towns and villages along the route I’m staging exhibitions of the photographs plus people’s thoughts, experiences and sense of place.

Upon completion of the project I will produce a book of photographs and all the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the RNLI.

I’m overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve received so far, everybody loves the project. Ireland is indeed a stunning beautiful country but its the people that are the real gems, their kindness and generosity of spirit has been amazing,I’m constantly receiving offers of help, encouragement and support along the way.

The project is a celebration of these wonderful people living on the west coast of Ireland, an open minded, independent, welcoming, tolerant people – a people free in spirit and wild at heart, living on the edge of the world.

The opportunity to travel the route from Cork to Donegal and to put together a collection of their photographs inspired the project.

The Wild Atlantic Way is a massive success story for the west coast of Ireland. Tourism figures are increasing year after year and are exceeding projections. Locals are starting to establish small businesses to cater for the increased number of tourists.

Failte Ireland have to be commended for establishing and promoting the route. They have also put together the WAW App so that tourists can easily access information such as accommodation, things to do and places to see along the way.

I have also attached 4 photographs and names of people from West Cork that took

part in the project. Each photograph is numbered with a corresponding name.

W202 – Mick O’Callaghan – Schull, West Cork.

W347 – Rachel Dare – Bantry, West Cork.

W348 – Noel McCarthy – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.

W349 – Caroline O’Donnell – Ballydehob, West Cork.