Chef Chad Byrne brings you Chef Collab in 2019


So What is Chef Collab?

The mission of Chef Collab- To springboard, tutor and help the next generation of chefs, if they have the right attitude and enthusiasm that’s all that counts.

Chef Collab is shining the light on our young cooks, we host the best Pop up restaurants in the country with high calibre Chefs mentoring the next generation coming through. The educational sessions are quirky, fun with authentic settings focusing on the food and of course the craic.

The service is casual as when its chefs serving the formalities are lost, but it really works for us, before each course the chefs who devised the course are brought out to explain the dish and also to give them a big cheer, it’s a real full good factor at these events.

Chad Byrne started Chef Collab at the beginning of 2018 with the aim to challenge the shortage of chefs and remove the stigma that the kitchen is a hard and arduous place of work, and Chef Collab proves that they can be professional but also have fun and there can also be a proper career path set out for them.The aim of Chef Collab is to invite young chefs of any age or level to learn new skills under a chosen mentor.

Each mentor with their selected student will arrange a suitable time to visit their placeof work to create a dish. Each protégé and mentor will produce one course and a snack each, for the Chef Collab dinner night.

The Chef Collab event happens on the last Monday of the month and every second month it will take place in a new location, returning back to its hometown of Killarney every other month. The challenge on our latest Collab is dinner for 90 in Soberlane Cork City, on the 28th Jan @19.30

Chefs on the Night –

Marcy Paul Brogan 1st course with Yvonne Coughlan
Gaz Smith 2nd course cooking alongside Daniel O’Sullivan
Gavin McDonagh 3rd course with Amy Ryan Quinlann
Alberto Rossi 4th course with Marcin Wisenswiki
Liam Kirwin 5th course cooking alongside Tadgh Crowley

The cost of the event is €35 per ticket and all of the money goes towards the food and the accommodation locally for the participating Chefs

A lot of chefs just coming through are supporting young families, we want them to be able to enjoy a great night out without breaking the bank, our essence is to highlight the positives in our industry in fun environments with a holistic view of doing the best by chefs and of course our guests

Chefs, most importantly are having fun, making lifelong connections with the best Chefs in the country, networking and sharing ideas, the concept is simple, but works really well.

We don’t worry about the fluffy stuff and we don’t need to be super correct, as we don’t have sponsors and we have no backing it’s done on a voluntary basis, just for the love of the craft.

Join us on the 28th of January for a great night and support the development of the next generation of great chefs in Ireland


Chad Byrne