Discovering Muckross Park Hotel & Spa

The Belfry Suite

Muckross Park Hotel & Spa- Our thoughts


As the heat rises from the Outdoor hot tub and mixes with the Kerry mist that is gently falling around my wife and I, I am reminded that if Mastercard did Wednesdays then my outdoor hot tub experience in the Muckross Park hotel and Spa would be priceless.


Ok, let’s rewind the story a little.

Our arrival at Muckross Park Hotel & Spa, within minutes settled two very weary tourists who have just had a week of busy client meetings throughout Ireland and just needed to recharge our batteries.


Walking in the grand entrance to the hotel it exuded style, grace and calm and the artistically designed doors leading in to a heavenly spa added to the grace and charm of the immediate entrance.


At the beautifully appointed reception check-in area, the team are ultra-professional and handle the check-in with a calm assurance that immediately sets the tone for our stay. This thread carries on throughout the hotel where a genuine smile seems to be the order of the day for every staff member.

This really is an exceptional Irish welcome and one that I know is simply down to a team who want their guests to totally enjoy their stay and take exceptional pride in their work.


Once the bags are unpacked the exploration of our surroundings begins and ours started in Major Colgan’s bar beside the hotel which is an exceptional truly Irish bar with great service, yes, great service and exceptional food options to suit every palette.


Once we are fed and have enjoyed some liquid refreshments, we further explore the hotel and of course, my good lady discovers the Spa at Muckross Park, which I know will lead to a little relaxation time later for Moi!!!!.


However, what I was not aware of was how exceptional each area of the Spa actually was. Once we had robed in our room and prepared for our Spa Chill time, we entered the Spa and discovered a pool containing every air jet to immediately relax the body and put you in the mood to explore further. The steam room, Ice room (yes, freezing ice particles, it was so good and refreshingly invigorating, the Sauna and the hot tiled beds each did their bit to gently relax every muscle in our bodies.

Finally, the outdoor hot tub for two is simply exceptional and chilling in it with warm bubbling water cascading your body while a cool-mist fell from the Kerry sky was a simply magical experience.


Having totally chilled, relaxed and prepared for our night out, we strolled into Major Colgan’s Pub again next door to sample a night of Irish music, food and Dance.

Each in their own right was exceptional, especially the food (my seabass was to die for) and the audience participation proved how successful these nights can be to adding that little bit extra to a great stay at Muckross Park Hotel and Spa.


I hope that this review will give you a little insight into what we enjoyed during our stay and you may discover even more, but I do hope that you gain as much enjoyment and relaxation as we did


Bobby Power