Fishing on the lakes



Fishing On the Lakes

Lough Allen Lough Allen supports a large and
varied population of fish; particularly coarse fish such as bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, tench, pike, perch and eels. However, it is less known that there
is a good stock of trout also – with an average weight of 1.5lb. In 1998, a trout was caught on a rod and line weighing 12.5lb. The mayfly hatch is small and it is maintained that the best trout fishing is during April, August and September. On the east shore, from Gobcormongan to the mouth of the Stoney river is considered the best area for trout. It
is known by anglers trolling for pike
as ‘Murder Mile’ due to the number
of trout which rise to the baits.
Lough Allen is famous for being home
to the most ferocious fighting pike in Europe. In 1902, ‘Old Harry McVeigh’ was reported to have captured an enormous fish. He hooked him on a
set land but couldn’t land him, so he
tied him to a float and watched him travel the lake for a day before he finally landed him. He weighed a staggering 42lb and the knuckles of his backbone measured two inches in diameter. Lough Ree The second largest lake on the River Shannon, Lough Ree is 10,500 hectares in area. It houses a mixed fishery with good stocks of pike, trout and coarse fish. Lough Ree has recently seen a
large improvement in the stocks of wild trout, thanks to a dramatic improvement in water quality. The local angling club, in conjunction with the fisheries programme, operates a hatchery on the system. There are hotspots such as Inch More, Inch Turk and Hare Island, which are worth a visit to find some of the finest wild brown
trout specimens in Irish waters. The lake has all the usual fly hatches typical of an Irish limestone lake i.e. duckfly, olives, mayfly, sedges and in September some good fishing dapping the daddy longlegs is possible. Wet fly and dry fly both work well. Lough Derg A large lake which is more than 30 kilometres in length, Lough Derg is regarded as a mixed fishery.
Lake brown trout, which are indigenous to Lough Derg, are well distributed through the lake. The season opens in March; however, the height of the angling year is during the mayfly season. The fish greedily feed on mayfly and are in prime health as they take their migratory journey up the river to heir spawning grounds. The lake is also teeming with pike, roach, perch and bream. Legend
has it that in the 1800s, a pike of 92lbs was hooked from the lake.