Seaweed products for Animals- the new way forward?

Sealac is a seaweed company based in kiltimagh in Co. Mayo.

We have recently developed seaweed products for animals to help to reduce the use of antibiotics on farms, this all started off when my parents were looking to reduce antibiotics in the pig unit they run for the Costello group. As antimicrobial resistance is becoming a huge problem in both the human and animal sector we are trying to help animals from an early age, giving them the best start. Seaweed has over 60 minerals, vitamins and amino acids, it is a natural and organic way of improving gut health and also building the immune system from a young age, this helps to target beneficial bacteria in the animal resulting in overall health benefits such as antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This can also help to correct any animal deficiencies, by feeding a small rate over a period of time.We Harvest our seaweed along the west coast from Donegal all the way down to Kerry, once it cut it is then brought to our drying facility in kiltimagh, once it’s unloaded it is then put through the washer to remove any stones or shells that may be attached, it’s then hung in our drying shed. We dry our seaweed at a low temperature which helps to retain all its natural mineral, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and polysaccharides. This process takes much longer to dry the product compared to other companies who can dry their product at high temperatures over a 3 hour period, our product takes 3-5 days, we feel that our low drying technique makes the product more palatable for the animal and also results in smaller quantise of seaweed to be fed. Once the product is dried it is then shredded and taken to the milling shed where it is milled to size depending on the product. We have a range of products for all animals. We are certified by IOFGA, FEMAS and Department Of Agriculture. We have a website with an online shop and also a twitter, Facebook and Instagram page.