The Burren Brewery




The smallest brewery in Ireland, the Burren Brewery nonetheless harbours grand ambitions, which are already being realised if you consider their selection — among three Irish brewers — as one of Lonely Planet’s craft beer top spots for the Lonely Planet Global Beer Tour, released last year.

Just seven years old, the bijou brewery is attached to the Roadside Tavern and produces Burren Gold, a deliciously easy lager, Burren Black, a creamy stout with a nutty edge, Burren Blonde, the gateway to greatness for curious commercial lager drinkers, and Burren Red Ale, whose malty flavours are perfectly offset by whose malty flavours are perfectly offset by a slight fruitiness.

Peter Curtin’s forays into nature to bring back wild yeast and fresh local herbs have resulted in a Happy Beer aptly called Euphoria. Things are done the traditional way and you won’t find heavy, hoppy flavours here.

And while it may still be the most micro of Ireland’s crop of microbreweries, it certainly hasn’t escaped international attention. Burren Brewery’s beers have been appreciated by writers in The Guardian, the Huffington Post and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

But if you want to savour a jar of local flavours, you’ll have to head to The Roadside Tavern or the Burren Storehouse next door, which are, so far, the exclusive purveyor of Burren’s Brewery’s bevvy of creations.