The Burren Smokehouse



If you’ve ever wondered how the royals eat, look no further than The Burren Smokehouse where fresh Celtic flavours are blended with Nordic know-how to create sublime smoked salmon, rainbow trout and mackerel. Birgitta Hedin-Curtin and her husband Peter set up the operation almost 30 years ago, and it now supplies some of Ireland’s top restaurants, while also attracting the attention and custom of Fortnum & Masons, Selfridges and Harrods.

Their success can be tied to their focus on securing the very best local, organic and sustainably fished fish at the precise times of year when they are at their prime and full of rich, natural flavours. Most people are familiar with the unique texture and flavour of cold-smoked salmon, but the Burren Smokehouse also hot smoke theirs to create a rich, flaky fish that bursts with smokey salmony taste and offers a deliciously versatile alternative to the traditional variety.

In addition to the shop, which also stocks honeys, local cheeses, chocolates, teas, wines, chutneys and jams, you’ll find a visitor centre where you can discover more about the smoking process and savour different kinds of smoked fish as you go.