The Power Behind Go Wild Magazine


The Power Behind Go Wild Magazine

The Go Wild Food Experience team is excited to be travelling to China this month after working hard to get the latest the ‘Best in Ireland’ title ready for the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards.


Ahead of the big event, Go Wild spoke to its founder and publisher, Robert Power.


Tell me about your career background before you set up Go Wild.

Prior to setting up Go Wild Magazines, I worked with Hopkins Communications as their Business Development Manager in Limerick and before that I was the Sales Director for the Limerick Leader newspaper for five years.

What was your inspiration to go out and set up Go Wild?

I believed that the brilliant, creative concept of the Wild Atlantic Way deserved its own high quality glossy magazine. When the team at Failte Ireland announced the creation of the Wild Atlantic Way route, I knew instantly that I wanted to be the one who would develop a quality magazine for visiting and domestic tourists to discover its wild enchanting beauty.

How has Go Wild grown from one title to several in just a few years?

I started with a tourism issue on the Wild Atlantic Way, and quickly saw the opportunity to add a Food Experience title to highlight the brilliant chefs and restaurants along the coastline. Every year we try to add a new title and this year we are bucking the trend and adding 4 new titles, Go Wild On the Lakes, Go Wild Food East Coast and two more titles to be announced shortly. By the end of 2018, we should have seven individual niche magazine titles including a Gastronomy Spain issue.

Tell me a bit about the team you’ve built to help you get these magazines out there.

Yes, we have been blessed with working with great people from the start: our cool and amazing designer for every title, Dave Curtin; our distributor and logistics genius, Ed Allen; our gorgeous food editor, Jessica Thompson (she paid me to say this!) and others such as Niamh Murphy ETC, Michelle Mc Donogh, Jo Lavelle, my darling wife Cleo in accounts, my ever hard working son Jason and my daughter Louise, and other contributors who have helped and motivated us to keep us going.

How do you feel about Go Wild: The Food Experience being ‘Best in Ireland’ and one of only five global finalists in the Gourmand Cookbook Awards?

I’m blown away that our little team is being recognised for producing a great magazine product.

How would you feel if Go Wild does win the award?

I will be a very, very proud Irishman and the award will simply highlight the fact that Ireland is an amazing food destination for worldwide tourists to visit and enjoy.

Tell me a bit about the title(s) you’re launching outside of Ireland?

Now that we have established our magazine titles in Ireland, I saw an opportunity to create a Gastronomy magazine for the Costa Blanca region in Spain as they have a similar food ethos to Ireland. We are also looking at Portugal and the UK for similar title opportunities.

Any parting remarks?

Just to say thank you to all of those who nominated us for the award; thank you to Gourmand International for choosing us as the Best in Ireland and as a world finalist. And finally, to every chef, restaurant and food producer who has graced our pages: thank you for your support.