The Powerscourt Distillery Launches Three New Whiskey Expressions

Photo: Eoin Holland -

Introducing Fercullen Premium Irish Whiskeys


The Powerscourt Distillery proudly unveils three new Irish whiskeys under the brand name Fercullen; Fercullen 14-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey, Fercullen 10-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey and Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey. Released by award winning Master Distiller Noel Sweeney, these opening expressions form part of a planned portfolio of premium Irish whiskeys being launched by the distillery and soon to open Distillery Visitor Centre.


‘FeraCulann’ or ‘Fercullen’ is the Gaelic name given to the ancient and strategically important lands that surround and encompass Powerscourt Estate. Literally translated it stands for “Men of Cuala” or “Men of the Wicklow Hills” the historical context of which has involved several centuries of local discourse, dispute and battle prior to the arrival of peace and calm in the hands of visionary custodians.


Set against the stunning backdrop of the great Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoying a long heritage of dedication and craftmanship, Powerscourt has become one of Ireland’s most treasured estates – an inspiring location where the extraordinary is possible. With an underground lake of the purest Wicklow water, close proximity to rich farming lands and a temperate coastline climate It sets the perfect stage for distilling and maturing Irish whiskey.


According to Alex Peirce, Chief Executive of The Powerscourt Distillery.  “Our location is unique in that it provides inspiration. The local history, heritage and natural beauty of Powerscourt are all important elements in providing the perfect platform for Noel’s work. We use pure mineral water that has filtered down into the Estate from the surrounding Wicklow hills and we are located close to some of the best barley growing lands in Ireland. Perseverance and patience have long represented the cornerstones to whiskey production and so it seemed fitting to adopt  “Fercullen” (the ancient name for these lands) to introduce to our whiskey story at The Powerscourt Distillery.


Once the hub of all farming on the Estate, an Old Mill House that dates back to 1730’s has been faithfully restored and extended to form part of the Distillery buildings. It boasts a water mill deep in its foundations, while outside on the north-west wall of the building, a bell that was used to herald the daily lunch break to workers in distant fields presents a nod to former times and local practice. Both are being preserved to form part of the wider visitor experience.


The carefully appointed distillery, visitor centre and adjoining maturation facilities form the initial phase of the building project. Three traditional, custom-designed copper pot stills from world-renowned Forsyths form the centrepiece at The Powerscourt Distillery.


The Powerscourt distillery Master distiller Noel Sweeney has played a huge part in the design and commissioning of the modern plant. Noel’s experience, spanning over 30 years, has earned him global recognition and sits comfortably in a place renowned for attention to detail, craft and vision.  Having formerly distilled the spirit that will be used by Fercullen, Noel is now also responsible for the new spirit being produced and laid down by the distillery – a unique attribute on today’s irish whiskey landscape.


The decisions that I make impart huge influence over the spirit produced,” says Noel Sweeney, Master Distiller at Powerscourt Distillery.  “So many choices and decisions affect the way that spirit forms and matures into whiskey


To mark and celebrate its opening year the Powerscourt Distillery has also designed a limited availability Cask Programme – the first and only such programme that it will undertake.


At 397 casks (each one representing a foot of water from the nearby Powerscourt Waterfall) the cask programme offers a premium level of involvement and association with the distillery to private individuals who wish to become part of The Powerscourt Distillery family. Together with ownership of a 200L new fill cask to be housed in the Distillery’s warehouse on the Estate, members will enjoy exclusive access to special events and private whiskey tastings, first access to limited edition whiskeys and an exclusive presentation of the otherwise unavailable Fercullen 16-Year-Old Single Malt.



Fercullen 10-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey (RRP €57.95, Fercullen 14-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey (RRP €92.95) and Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey (RRP€43.95) will be available to purchase at The Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Centre when it opens, The Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow or online from November at and selected outlets countrywide please check our website for further details, email  [email protected] or contact Claire Hickey, Visitor Centre Manager at [email protected] +353 86 894 2391


Opening in Spring 2019, the Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Centre is located in an 18th century Mill House, with 6 tasting rooms, a gift shop and café/bar. Tours will include a guided tour of the plant, a visit to the onsite maturation warehouse and whiskey tasting. Please contact [email protected] for group bookings, to arrange a site visit or for event enquiries.