Introducing the Poetry of Tracy Connolly


Cork’ (The Real Capital)

I’m from the rebel County

Cork City so to speak

And I’ve met many a tourist

Who toured our city deep.


They came in all their busloads

And loved the Irish so

They never will forget us

Or want to let us go


The beauty of Cork City

Is magical for all to see

With Shandon bells that ring out

And tours around the lee


There’s architecture to admire

With Saint Fin barres Cathedral so adorned

And Fitzgeralds Park with scenic walks

From every corner to be explored


The Cork Opera House is our theatre

That hosts many an operatic tune

And dearly loved beside it

Stands Crawford Art Gallery in view


If you’re looking for a soccer game

Just look for the red and white

You’ll surely hear the screams and roars

As Cork City players will ignite


The city is enriched in historic remembrance affair

With our National Monument, the Irish so care

From the Echo boy statue, and Father Mathew loved

The great Michael Collins, Cork City is your hub


The English Markets fresh produce beats any hands down

Loved by all the tourists who visit our town

There’s a medieval mood you’ll get on Cork streets

And if you visit Cork City gaol that feeling you will meet


If you’re looking for an interesting bus tour

The Jameson Experience is just the shot

It was established in the early 17th century

Home of the visitors centre, proudly being the spot


Before you leave Cork City

Visit Blarney Castle to kiss the stone

They’ll say you’ll get the ‘gift of the gab’

A gift to bring back home


There are so many things I could tell you

But I’ll leave the mystery for your trip

Just go wild on all your fantasies

And be blessed for your friendships



Tracy Connolly Biography

I would describe myself as a Poetess who wants to connect my soul with the world. I want to help others through my poetry. I can write about anything and that’s what you will find in my book. From fiction to real-life happenings my poetry becomes alive. I think of my audience and can always feel what they need and want in a poem.

I was a Soldier for 23 years and there are two war hero’s on either side of my family.  They have been decorated with distinguished service medals from the Congo. Most of my family were in the army. I’ve been in the war called Operation Grapes Of Wrath in 1996 and felt the pains of others. I’ve also been to war-torn Kosovo in 2001. I was proud to be a United Nations Peacekeeper because I love to help others.

I’m now a retired Veteran helping in the hospitals as a Healthcare Assistant. Throughout covid, I have spent time working with the emergency services within my community.

I started writing during the lockdown and it has given me my poetic voice that was simmering beneath the surface for a long time. I would hope my poetry will always help and comfort others. I’ve been published on Kilkenny’s people’s paper with one of the poems here in my book ‘The Bloods’. It’s about a famous Irish Battalion. Its always good to remember our history. I am now in the process of recording my first form of music expression in an Album called ‘When I’m alone’. I am accompanied by 3 amazing musicians Pat Barrett, Mo O’ Connor and Pat O’ Sullivan.

You can find some of my Poetry videos on Facebook under tracyconnollyspoetrys

I’m also on twitter @poetsbelief and Instagram poetsbelief and Youtube Tracy Connolly