Raquel Noboa & let’s get 50 shades Greener


Raquel Noboa from Fifty Shades Greener has worked in the Hospitality industry for the past 21 years, working in hotels around the world since the age of 17. She knows the industry well, the challenges it faces and the mind-set barriers to greening a Hospitality business.

Raquel has an Ecotourism Diploma from the University of Washington, but her approach to greening and sustainability is a very different way than what other Green programmes might offer. Her training is based on simple actions that will reduce the use of Energy, Water and Waste in a business, a festival or a community group.

Raquel believes in small wins, and going at your own pace, because Greening should not make people jump through hoops, and piles of paperwork, it is about knowing the environmentally sound options that are available, and applying those actions that make sense to each business. Starting small, get the big wins, and then look at possible investment projects to become even greener.

Contrary to the perception of many business owners, Raquel firmly believes that Greening a business will not only reduce its Carbon Footprint, but it will also reduce their Utility bills, therefore saving money directly off the bottom line of a business.

In the past 3 years Raquel has worked solidly as a Hospitality Green Consultant with her Limited Company Fifty Shades Greener. Consulting and mentoring privately owned businesses and community groups to Green the festival and events at their villages around County Clare.

Now in 2019, Raquel has gathered all her knowledge and easy to implement actions into Online training courses, so she can serve more businesses around the world and help Green the Hospitality Industry one step at the time.

Her latest social media campaign is the #SaucyChallenge, to try and abolish individually wrapped sauces and condiments from the Irish Food Service Industry. For more information check www.fiftyshadesgreener.ie