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Founder of The Wellness Lounge, Gillian O’Gorman, is a Health & Wellness Coach, Wellness Speaker & Workshop Facilitator. Her transformational journey began with her own wellness; after working for 15 years at a senior management level in the corporate sector, she experienced chronic stress & burnout. Having little to no coping strategies, she had no real understanding of what triggered her stress or more importantly how to manage it. Chronic stress led to unhealthy lifestyle choices which eventually led to the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease.

In 2016 she started working with a coach & began to take back control over her own wellbeing. This experience motivated her to become a qualified coach to support others. This has now evolved into The Wellness Lounge, providing education & support to individuals & organisations who wish to invest in their health & wellbeing.

Gillian provides One2One coaching nationwide and across the world, with clients in USA, UK, India, Germany, France. Her transformational coaching programs ‘A Better You Today’ and ‘Elevate’ are life-changing and available online.


Goal Setting, Lifestyle Changes, Stress Management, Self-Care, Meditation, Boundaries Values, Beliefs

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