Interview with Gabe Saglie Editor Travelzoo


Gabe Saglie

As a Chilean born in Norway and now living in California, it is appropriate that Gabe Saglie made his career in the area of travel. He was working as a morning weatherman in Santa Barbara when he received the opportunity to work for Travelzoo.

“That was in 2005, and the years since have afforded me an awesome career in an awesome industry” he says. “As Travelzoo’s senior editor, and as an editorial voice for our company as well as the industry as a whole, I am intent on sharing my own enthusiasm for travel with others and on offering education and inspiration that will help others tap the power of travel.”

Gabe lives with his wife Renee and sons Gabriel and Greyson in Santa Barbara. His parents fostered his love for travel through road-tripping and trips around the world. “As a dad of three myself, I carry that torch,” he says. “We aren’t rich, but we creatively make exploration a priority, and we bring our kids along whenever possible.”

Gabe says that his first visit to Ireland with his young boys in 2013 remains one of their favourite travel memories to this day. He visits twice or three times a year, and is impressed by the seamlessness of travel between the ROI and NI.

“One thing you hear before you get to Ireland for the first time is that the people are amazingly friendly, and is that ever true,” he enthuses. “I have had countless interactions that prove how engaging, open-hearted and warm the Irish are, from remote roads along the Wild Atlantic Way to the buzziest of pubs in downtown Dublin.”

Gabe feels that Ireland’s gastronomic renaissance is fuelled by a fresh wave of creative, talented chefs and a concerted national push to highlight regionality in food and drink. He also thinks that the people are Ireland’s best advocates. “I’ve seen a growing trend in locals genuinely appreciating their own local treasures – historic, artistic, culinary, etc. That growing ambassadorship is something that will help lure travellers as it continues to grow and keep them coming back.”

While he says that there is nowhere in Ireland that hasn’t delivered a fantastic traveller experience for him, Gabe is partial to the west coast. Some of his fondest memories are rooted in the sweeping landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way and the warmth of the people there.

“I have also had wonderful, immersive experiences in places like Wicklow and Wexford, due especially to the surge in foodie options there,” he says. “And Derry and Belfast have revealed poignant histories and wonderful people, which make them not-to-miss recommendations to anyone who asks me.”